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Sacchi reveals who is the Serie A top title contender this season

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During a recent interview, Arrigo Sacchi spoke freely about the Italian clubs that are pushing for the Serie A title this season. He has a favorite. 

Arrigo Sacchi is widely considered football royalty in Italian football, especially in Serie A. He is the man who led one of the most dominant clubs in Calcio history when he coached AC Milan back in the day. Several football managers today learned from his teachings and thrive in modern times. At 74 years old, Sacchi is enjoying retirement after ending a truly brilliant career.

He recently offered an interview where he analyzed today’s landscape in Serie A football. As a Rossonero, it’s only natural Sacchi feels happy for having AC Milan back at the top of Serie A but he also has other clubs as title contenders. Regardless of the stiff competition, the legendary manager still thinks Stefano Pioli’s players are the rivals to beat this season. Italian football is going through a renaissance right now and Sacchi is very happy about it. 

Sacchi think AC Milan will win the title. 

“In Serie A, there are three contenders who aim to win the title,’ he said via the Daily Mail. “Inter Milan have Lukaku, Juventus have Ronaldo and Milan have Ibrahimovic. It is impossible for them to do well if they are not performing up to standard. Milan are different because (Stefano) Pioli’s team are a group. They won even when Ibrahimovic wasn’t there. It’s essential. Because the coach is only one man. If the team doesn’t help him, he can’t manage alone. If the coach wants to make things happen, he cannot expect too much, but he expects functional players who want to play the game.

“Try to imagine if someone suggested good comedians to (Steven) Spielberg. He’d reply, ‘What should I to do with comedians in a dramatic film?’ In Italy we don’t know what football really is. According to us, it isn’t a sport because it has iron rules and we’ve gone through scandalous times. It isn’t a showy sport because we are not interested at all in football as a show. So then, what is football for us? A social revenge. And with this we exclude beauty, emotions, entertainment, culture, merit, fun, all essential components. When you win in other ways it remains in history books, but not in people’s heads. There is no evolution.”