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Rumor: Euro 2021 could be played entirely in England

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According to shocking reports from various sources, the upcoming Euro 2021 could be played entirely in England over the next summer. 

With the upcoming Euro 2021 tournament still in the air, there’s a fresh rumor that confirms England as the possible venue for the entire competition. The global pandemic is making the entire world rethink their programmed schedules for 2021 just as much as they did for 2020. Given how slow vaccinations processes have been thus far, we still are a long way from going back to normal. In some cases, it is believed that we will still be using face masks in 2022.

However, recent news related to fans going back to stadiums for sporting events are quite encouraging. England is arguably one of the countries with the fastest response to the virus in Europe, which makes them a perfect candidate for sporting events. The English FA already stated they hope fans can return to the stadiums during the final days of the Premier League season. But a new rumor just took the whole world by surprise and it has England at the center of it. 

The Euros could take place in England. 

According to a report from journalist Tancredi Palmeri, UEFA is seriously considering the Euros 2021 to take place entirely on English soil. Due to how well the restrictions and vaccination processes are working there, it is arguably the most logical option. Making the tournament in different countries as it was programmed is still a terrible idea given the health risks.

This is why UEFA is making a decision by mid-April about this and England is at the top of the list. There are even sides that consider London is a perfect place to make the whole tournament happen. With stadiums like Wembley, Tottenham Stadium, Stamford Bridge, the Emirates, London Stadium, and other venues in the same city. Logistics would be much easier if the whole competition took place in a single city. Palmeri posted the following tweet on his official account.