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Rumor: Cristiano Ronaldo offers himself to the Premier League

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According to a rumor that originated in France, Cristiano Ronaldo is actively offering himself to a specific Premier League club right now. 

The bomb exploded last weekend with Cristiano Ronaldo and his wish to leave Juventus, it appears he wants to return to the Premier League. After a brilliant spell at Manchester United, one would think his loyalty lies with the Red Devils but L’Equipe is saying the exact opposite. According to the French publication, the Portuguese star is actively offering himself to the Sky Blue squad. He is supposedly talking to some of the players inside the team and asking them how welcome he would feel by Pep Guardiola.

According to this rumor, Ronaldo’s expectation is to make a deal happen throughout the weekend. However, there’s a huge chance this is nothing but a distraction to prevent the rest of the world from the reality of his situation. It might be possible that L’Equipe is only creating this chance in order to avoid all Ronaldo’s links to PSG. We still have no confirmation of what Cristiano Ronaldo will do with his future but there are some options. 

Only PSG and City can pay him right now. 

Juventus want Cristiano Ronaldo off the squad due to his elevated wages, they will do everything in their power to get rid of him. However, doing this won’t be easy because very few clubs in the world can actually afford to pay him. One of those clubs was Manchester United but they haven’t even made an inquiry about him. Apparently, they don’t feel the need to go after one of the best players in football history. Even though we still have no idea what Pep Guardiola thinks about this possibility.

The reality of the matter is that Manchester City is in dire need of a player who can give them at least 30 goals per season. Cristiano Ronaldo is exactly that player and he will deliver those numbers at least for the next three years, regardless of where he plays. But we must treat this as nothing but a rumor unless we see any official statement from the parties involved in the matter.