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Ronaldo Nazario issues apologies for something from 2002

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After doing something specific in 2002, Ronaldo Nazario wanted to issue apologies for something he did in the World Cup. 

During the 2002 World Cup, Ronaldo Nazario was the man of the hour with his performances for the Brazil National Team. Initially, the South American squad wasn’t the favorite to win the competition due to Ronaldo coming fresh out of a serious injury. We are talking about the same knee ligament problem that nearly ended his career. At that time, the striker needed all the support he could get in order to regain his confidence.

Although he had a massive level of performance in the first matches, the one against Turkey proved difficult for him. Ronaldo scored the winner in that semifinal match but he ended picking up a muscular injury that nearly took him out of the final. With so much pressure piling on him for previous injuries, Ronaldo truly didn’t know what to do. 

The press ate up Ronaldo’s solution. 

If a muscular injury leaked to the press, all the questions ahead of the final would be about Ronaldo. As a way to deviate the attention from the issue, the Brazilian striker did something brilliant for which he is not proud. It’s a decision that became a true sensation amongst children all around the world but a dread for their mothers. When he got on the cameras ahead of the final, Ronaldo Nazario’s look was striking.

That famous hair cut became the talk of the town as his injury managed to go under the radar. However, the player is slightly ashamed of it as he told Sports Illustrated: “It was horrible! I publicly apologize to all mothers who saw their children get the same haircut. I suffered an injury after the game against Turkey, so I cut my hair. All my teammates said the same when I asked them if they liked it: ‘No, it’s horrible! Get that off your head! But journalists saw it and they forgot about my injury.”