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Ronaldinho reacts to Brazil losing against Lionel Messi

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During a public event on Monday, Ronaldinho reacted to his beloved Brazil losing against Lionel Messi during the Copa America final. 

Ronaldinho’s emotions were all over the place on the night his beloved Brazil played the Copa America final against Lionel Messi’s Argentina. On one hand, he had to root for the country he’s always loved and represented. But on the other hand, one of his dearest friends in football was trying to win the title as well. Ronaldinho’s history with Leo Messi is definitely amongst the most incredible in modern football history. When he was playing at the top of his game at FC Barcelona, he decided to take a young Messi under his wing.

A gesture that Leo will never forget because that’s what helped him reach the heights he has in this sport. When he gets asked about Ronaldinho, Leo’s first reaction is to smile because of the love and respect between both legends. Something similar happens with the Brazilian star as he gets questions about Messi. But that Saturday was tough for Ronaldinho. His heart was torn in half because he was rooting for both sides. 

Ronaldinho’s high hopes for Brazil in 2022. 

Considering how well they started the Copa America campaign, Ronaldinho thinks Brazil can achieve great things during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. But he was obviously unhappy with their result against Argentina. ‘Dinho’ will always root for his country but he will always root for Messi when he isn’t facing his beloved Seleçao.

When asked about the result by 101GreatGoals, this is what Ronaldinho had to say: “I was sad that the Selecao lost, but happy for Messi. ‘It was a storm of emotions, that’s how it is when a friend like Messi faces Brazil. Brazil have a strong squad. Each time they reach a World Cup they know the meaning of it. I believe that eventually it will lead them to winning it again.”