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Ronaldinho gets support from a beloved former teammate

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During a special day for Ronaldinho, he got support from one of the most important teammates of his professional career in Barcelona.

We recently told you how Ronaldinho was in dire need of support from the people who love him, he just got some of that from one of his former teammates. It’s easy to see why Samuel Eto’o can be considered the most important attacking partner Ronaldinho ever had. Together, they won two consecutive La Liga titles and the UEFA Champions League in 2006. They formed a brotherly bond that still lives on to this day, which is why his support is so important.

In recent weeks, we reported on the Brazilian’s hectic lifestyle after his mother tragically passed away from Covid-19. Just days before his 40th birthday, there were reports from Brazil where his friends expressed their concern over his well-being. Ever since his mother passed, ‘Dinho’ has been partying non-stop. On the day of his birthday, he got all the love he needed in order to remember the people who value his life. 

Samuel Eto’o sends him an Instagram message. 

As a way to remind him he still has friends all over the world, Eto’o sent him a message on his official Instagram account: “For well-born souls, value does not await the number of years” – Corneille in Le Cid. “I could not be more explicit and certain in the choice of my words: Happy birthday Grand Champion! Ronaldinho. May this anniversary be most happy because you are such a wonderful person and worthy of receiving the best! I hope this day is one of the happiest in your life! Happy birthday!”

Many more messages flooded Ronaldinho’s mentions for his birthday. Hopefully, that can help him improve his state of mind and he goes back to a healthy lifestyle in this difficult time. The Ace Sports Media team would also like to congratulate Ronaldinho on his 40th birthday. Better late than never!