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Ronald Koeman’s future could be decided today

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It’s time to give you all an update on Ronald Koeman’s current situation and why his future could be decided today after Barcelona vs Granada. 

Ronald Koeman has been through a very interesting last couple of weeks with his future still very much in the air at FC Barcelona. The situation between the manager and club president is reaching an all-time tension high this week. There was already a major disagreement right after the squad’s defeat against Bayern Munich. Right after the game at Camp Nou, we reported on a meeting between Koeman and Laporta that got extended until past midnight. Days after that, there was a general assembly amongst stakeholders in order to decide Koeman’s future.

An overwhelming majority of associates wanted to kick Koeman to the curb. However, Joan Laporta didn’t hesitate to confirm the manager still has a few lives left. But today’s match against Granada might decide his future if something catastrophic takes place at Camp Nou. Should FC Barcelona not win the match against this modest squad, a decision will be taken by the president immediately. There are even some names that could take his place in a matter of days if things don’t work out for Koeman. 

Who could take Ronald Koeman’s place? 

Assuming Joan Laporta is willing to pay the €12 million severance if he sacks Koeman, there are at least three names who could take his place. The top of the list has Xavi Hernandez, who has been pushing for a return to his beloved club as the new manager. As a close second, we have Erik Ten Hag, who started a brilliant campaign at AFC Ajax and plays into the club’s historic offensive philosophy. Last but not least, we have Francisco Javier Garcia Pimienta.

As a former La Masia manager, he is actually the man who discovered the majority of the young generation who currently plays in the first squad. All of these names are aligned with the offensive philosophy that Ronald Koeman currently lacks as the manager. Joan Laporta is honest about his feelings, he wants the Dutchman out. But he will hold this decision if he starts getting good results because the club’s economy doesn’t allow him to kick Koeman out.