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Rio Ferdinand’s reaction to Federico Chiesa’s goal vs Chelsea

Federico Chiesa, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus
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After his brilliant performance against Chelsea, Federico Chiesa gathered many reactions but none as interesting as Rio Ferdinand’s.

Federico Chiesa truly blew Rio Ferdinand’s mind after his brilliant solo performance against Chelsea this week. The Blues visited Allianz Stadium in Turin with their confidence quite high only to be denied by the Vecchia Signora. In a mesmerizing defensive performance from the entire squad, Chiesa stood up above his teammates. Rio Ferdinand wanted to give mad props to the Italian star and he even made an incredible comparison.

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit from Juventus, the Italian giants can count on Chiesa to get them out of trouble. Ferdinand is always willing to enjoy a great Champions League match, but he gives special attention to the English clubs. Yesterday, Chelsea’s defeat against Juventus was a surprise for everybody due to their recent results. The Bianconeri weren’t having the best season in Serie A with dismal performance against various Italian clubs. 

Rio loved Chiesa’s overall performance. 

But when it comes to the UEFA Champions League, all Juventus players got extremely motivated. Rio Ferdinand wanted to highlight Chiesa via BT Sport: “He’s a huge player and he’s been linked with a few clubs in England. I’m sure they’re thinking ‘why didn’t we get him?’ He’s just a fantastic footballer. The intensity with which he plays with, we saw in the Euros he was the main goal threat for the Italians who went on to win the tournament.

“It’s his pace, his drive. He’s the one who is the threat, he’s potent, he wants to run in behind. He’s that modern-day striker who can play anywhere across the front line and he’s as comfortable out wide as he is through the middle. He unnerves defenders with that pace, he’s so direct. The biggest attribute he’s got is he plays with a humility. He’s hustling and bustling like a young Luis Suarez character, he can make something out of nothing. Every club in Europe will want a slice of him when he become available.”