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Report: Zidane makes a decision about his future at Real Madrid

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According to a recent report in Spain, Zinedine Zidane made a decision about his future at Real Madrid that will change the club. 


Real Madrid has been struggling with the idea that Zinedine Zidane might decide to finish his second spell at the club by the end of the season. Ever since he accepted to return to help the squad in a time of need, the Frenchman has made many sacrifices throughout his history at the club. Even as a player, he decided to give up on his last year’s worth of wages when he retired as a pro. When le left Real Madrid’s managerial seat, he did so without charging a dime right after winning his third consecutive UEFA Champions League title.

After Florentino Perez’s pleas, the man decided to help his beloved club once again and brought it back to winning La Liga. In hindsight, all ‘Zizou’ has done at Real Madrid is succeed. But everything has a limit. The man is tired of so much criticism despite his constant achievements and titles. Even though he might win La Liga for the second straight season, Zidane seems to have had enough of so much criticism. 

‘Zizou’ is leaving Real Madrid. 

According to a recent report from Telemadrid, Zinedine Zidane is feeling weary of so much criticism and he wants to rest from all the pressure. Both mentally and physically, he is currently at his limit. Regardless of what happens by the end of the current season, the French manager will call it quits in order to get some much needed rest. As far as his replacement goes, there is a good chance that Raul Gonzalez Blanco takes his place in the first team. During his time coaching the club’s inferior categories.


The former striker has proven he is more than capable of getting his chance to coach the senior squad. It appears Florentino Perez already spoke with Raul about this possibility and he is the manager with the greatest options to take over the squad when the time comes. Whether you like what he did during his tenure at Real Madrid or not, you can’t deny Zidane succeeded during his time at the club. Chances are that after his resting period, he might take on the offer from the French Football Federation and coach his national team.