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Report: Juventus wants two PSG players in trade for Ronaldo

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According to a recent report, Juventus would be willing to trade Cristiano Ronaldo for two of PSG’s top players on the attack. 

We just got some fresh news about a possible trade between Juventus and PSG that involves Cristiano Ronaldo. With all the rumors about his future, there is a major chance that the Portuguese forward could leave this summer to one of the top football clubs in Europe. We aren’t saying the Italian giants aren’t one of the best, but they are far from their better years at the moment.

Cristiano wants a final crack at winning his sixth Champions League, which is why he wants to go to a safe bet for his career. PSG are one of the clubs that have been making great decisions in recent years. They’ve also made it big in the Champions League with a lost final and this season’s campaign. The French giants know both Neymar and Kylian Mbappe could leave next summer. With this in mind, they are willing to do anything for another world-beater like Ronaldo. 

A trade for two top forwards. 

As Juventus makes peace with the notion that Ronaldo might leave next summer, they already started looking for options. PSG has two players they would be willing to use as trading chips for the Portuguese star. One of them is Mauro Icardi, who was a success for many years at Inter Milan. The other one is a former Bianconeri player who would love a second chance at the club of his life: Moise Kean.

With a great level of performance at PSG, the Italian striker wouldn’t mind going back where it all started. Diario AS confirmed these two players are the only ones PSG would consider inside this possible trade. Other than that, they can’t include anybody else because they simply don’t want to release any of their players. Is this a good transfer decision for Cristiano Ronaldo?