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Report: Jack Grealish just landed in Manchester

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According to various reports, Jack Grealish just landed in the City of Manchester in order to seal his deal with Pep Guardiola’s Citizens. 

As we’ve told you earlier, Jack Grealish is getting closer and closer to signing for Manchester City. Transfer journalist Fabrizio Romano reported that we are reaching the final stages of these negotiations between Aston Villa and the Citizens. However, we have new information about the player’s whereabouts. In fact, he just landed in the city of Manchester a few hours ago in order to speed up the process of his possible transfer.

This doesn’t mean that Grealish will sign immediately for the Citizens. It only means that he wants to be part of the negotiations in order to see if the giant club offers him something worth his while. If this doesn’t happen, Jack has no problem turning back to Birmingham and sign a new contract with his childhood club. But as things keep progressing positively, the player seems destined to start training under Pep Guardiola’s orders sooner than previously expected. 

How much will Manchester City end up spending for Jack?

According to Romano, the Citizens won’t mind investing over €100 million for this player. To be exact, they made a juicy €117,5 million offer that should convince Aston Villa to accept. As far as the player’s contract goes, he will immediately become one of the club’s highest-paid players. If you ask Grealish, he will be happy knowing he became his beloved club’s most expensive player ever.

All he ever wanted was to help Aston Villa achieve greater heights at the biggest stage. Selling him assures that the ‘Villains’ will now have enough money to invest in at least two great players who can help them keep fighting to play in European competitions. As far as Manchester City goes. Pep Guardiola will finally get one of the two players he really wanted for his star-studded constellation. Next up, he wants Harry Kane under his command.