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Report: Barcelona put a price tag on Ousmane Dembele

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According to various reports, FC Barcelona decided to put a price tag on Ousmane Dembele during the next summer transfer window.

It appears that despite his evident improvement, Ousmane Dembele doesn’t want to continue playing at FC Barcelona. Reports from Catalonia suggest that the French player might be on the verge of leaving the Catalan club for a new destination. Nobody still knows where he would like to play next but we do know details about his behavior. According to Sport, there has been an approach from club officials with Dembele’s agents about his possible contract extension.

This season has been quite great for the Frenchman in terms of results and continuity. In previous years, Dembele clearly has been stopped dead in his tracks due to injuries. But Ronald Koeman managed to get the best version we’ve ever seen from Ousmane. The vast majority of people believed the player was happy at the club but his recent response tells the exact opposite. After approaching him for a possible renewal, his agent decided to not respond on it. A decision that opens the door for him to possibly leave this summer. 

How much would Dembele cost? 

Considering he cost Barcelona nearly €150 million, FC Barcelona obviously doesn’t want to lose a player this expensive. Especially after not getting the results everybody expected from him. Joan Laporta already knows how much he wants to get for today’s Ousmane Dembele, which is around €60 million. Any clubs that wants to buy him, will have to pay that much in order to get his transfer. At least with this possible sale, FC Barcelona can get some of the money they wasted on him over the last four years.

To those who don’t remember, Dembele came as a Neymar replacement back in the summer of 2017. Since then, he’s been injured more times than he’s actually played. But the current season has been great for him to recover some of that lost value over the years. It’s strange how a player who always got support from his club despite his situation doesn’t seem to have any interest in playing there anymore.