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Report: Antoine Griezmann scores a perfect hat-trick in life

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Today, we got some interesting news about Antoine Griezmann scoring a perfect hat-trick in life that you will probably adore. 

Earlier today, we never imagined Antoine Griezmann would score a perfect hat-trick in life. As the morning started for FC Barcelona, photographers started to notice he was absent from the training session. It took them a few minutes to find out he was allowed to leave the facilities for personal reasons. Initially, some thought it was a “bad news” type of matter but Griezmann soon clarified everything.

As it turns out, the French forward and his wife just gave birth to their third child. A baby girl was born today but the most surprising fact was later known by everybody about Griezmann’s new family member. Nobody imagined he would be so lucky in life, but some people simply get fortune at every turn. 

Born on April 8. 

So far, the story is a simple newborn coming into the world. But it gets way more interesting when you realize that all three of Griezmann’s kids were born on the same exact date. His eldest daughter, Mia was born on April 8 2016. His middle son, Amaro was born on the same day but in 2019. And today, little Alba was born.

We can now say what everybody is thinking: Antoine Griezmann scored the perfect hat trick in life. The star made the official announcement on all his social media channels. He simply wrote the baby girl’s name, plus the date and the exact time she came into this world. Congratulations to Antoine Griezmann for this amazing news.