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Reguilon reveals how Mourinho convinced him to join Spurs

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As he settles into life in North London, Sergio Reguilon revealed how Jose Mourinho convinced him to play for Tottenham Hotspur. 

Sergio Reguilon was just fresh out of winning the Europa League when Jose Mourinho contacted him to sign for Spurs. His initial plan was to return to Real Madrid and take Marcelo’s place. But Zinedine Zidane didn’t even consider him for the starring role as a left-back.

Knowing he would get rejected, he decided to start looking for a new adventure that ended up taking him to Tottenham Hotspur. Jose Mourinho is delighted to have him at the club, but we still don’t know how the transfer took place. Reguilon recently revealed how Mourinho convinced him to sign for Spurs, it didn’t take much to sway him. 

“In my house, we were all big fans of Mourinho,” said Reguilon during an interview with Sky Sports. “He is a world-class manager and he was very important in my decision to come.”

“There was a broad market but as soon as I heard of Tottenham’s interest, it was simple,” he added. “It was a big deal to leave my country, my league and my family, but it has worked out well.

“Since I arrived here, the truth is the club has surprised me in a very good way. The training facilities, my team-mates, everything. The stadium is insane. I have really enjoyed it so far.”

Bale also helped to convince him. 

Another major player who helped him make the decision was Gareth Bale: “I spoke with Bale when I was in Madrid,” continued Reguilon. “He told me what it was like at Tottenham. It was helpful for me to come here with someone who was already a team-mate. I could ask him things, like how certain things were going to work.

“The truth is he helped me a lot and so have the others. Since the first day, all my team-mates have welcomed me very nicely. They are always coming to me asking if there’s anything I need, or if there’s anything they can do, and they have helped me on the pitch too.

“Bit by bit, I am getting to know them more as people, not just as players I know from the PlayStation or the television. Now, they are all in contact with me and I know them better. That really helps.”