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Real Madrid star will most likely miss the game vs Atalanta

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We come bearing terrible news for Real Madrid supporters as one of their main stars is set to miss the upcoming match vs Atalanta. 

Karim Benzema adds to the long list of Real Madrid players who are currently unavailable due to injury. His problem is an abductor muscle issue that may not be huge but it’s enough to make him miss a few weeks. These problems tend to play with a player’s mindset for a long time as it’s been happening with Benzema right now. According to Carrusel Deportivo, the French striker might not make it to next week’s match against Atalanta.

Real Madrid is going through a difficult period in the Champions League with several players injured. They face one of the most impressive underdogs in European football without names such as Hazard, Ramos, Marcelo, Carvajal, and now Karim. As of right now, the striker decided to wait until Monday to make a decision about the trip to Bergamo. He will decide alongside Zinedine Zidane depending on what happens to this minor muscular problem. 

Hopes are not high for Benzema. 

Even though there’s still some hope, the club doesn’t think the striker will make it in time. But more importantly, they prefer not to risk his well-being because they have the rest of the season to think about. If they force him to play with this issue, it could become a much bigger problem that might force him out of the game for a much longer period of time. Zinedine Zidane is playing the long game with Karim and he is willing to lose against Atalanta before losing a player as important as Benzema.

The problem here is that Real Madrid is risking getting hammered by one of the most offensive football clubs in Italian football. If they lose by more than three goals, they might regret not risking their star striker despite his current injury. We will keep you posted on the final decision they make on Monday ahead of the trip to Bergamo.