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Real Madrid should make a fresh offer from Mbappe today

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After a little back and forth over the hottest player on the market, Real Madrid is expected to make a new offer to PSG later today. 

The last 48 hours between Real Madrid and PSG over Kylian Mbappe have been nothing short of thrilling. We’ve seen both clubs go at it with impressive offers and responses with a little spice. Florentino Perez is the one holding control of the entire situation after saving his time to strike exactly when he needed to. PSG already know they are losing the battle over one of their best players as the negotiating table remains open.

Leonardo already stated that PSG would listen to offers if they are above what they paid for Kylian in 2017. This leaves the ball on Real Madrid’s court and everybody is expecting a move. Los Blancos are hoping for a new opening to make the next offer that we are all expecting. We are going to make an effort to explain the number they might throw next and how PSG could potentially respond. This is like a thrilling chess game in which Perez has the upper hand at the moment. 

How much will Florentino Perez offer next?

Considering that Mbappe will be free to leave for no money next winter, Florentino Perez might not make a much higher offer for him. However, he did repeatedly stated that Real Madrid had at least €180 million amongst members of his inner circle. In hindsight, Los Blancos don’t have a need to spend more than what they already offered but the immediacy of Mbappe’s arrival could push him further.

If they were to make an offer in the next few hours, they would top it at €180 million. Going higher than that would be considered excessive given the current situation all around the world. Plus, Real Madrid is currently finishing the Santiago Bernabeu remodeling and they can’t afford to make bigger expenses. The question here is how urgent is Kylian Mbappe’s arrival? We’ve seen Florentino lose his mind over a single player in the past, will he lose it once again?