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Rakitic clears the air on Messi and Griezmann relationship

Messi, Griezmann
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Former Barca star Ivan Rakitic has shared his thoughts on supposed reports of unrest between Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann.

Ivan Rakitic has debunked reports that Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann do not get along at Barcelona.

However, the ex-Barca midfielder expects these rumors to stop when both players hit full gear.

Since Griezmann completed a big-money transfer to Barcelona last summer, questions have been asked of his relationship with Messi on the pitch.

The Frenchman was expected to thrive but has so far struggled to find a consistent spark at Barca and faced accusations of failing to work his way into Messi’s good books.

Just recently, Arsene Wenger claimed Griezmann cannot express himself at Barcelona due to the presence of Messi.

Rakitic, who played alongside both players before leaving the club, says he saw nothing of such during his time at the Nou Camp.

He told El Pelotazo: “What I saw was that they got along very well. I got along wonderfully with Antoine and Leo. The two drink together and spend a lot of time together in the dressing room.”

“If both of them start to score goal, there will be no more talk – that’s the requirement and expectation of a great team like Barcelona. I don’t worry, though, because they’re two spectacular guys. I wish them all the best.”