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Raiola defends himself from Manchester United accusations

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During a recent interview with BBC Sport, Mino Raiola defended himself from accusations made by Manchester United over Paul Pogba. 

The story between Mino Raiola and Manchester United goes many years back since Paul Pogba was merely a teenager. There’s a famous video in which Sir Alex Ferguson famously calls him a shitbag for the way he handles himself. In fact, Raiola has created a bad reputation amongst several clubs that hate negotiating with him. However, all his players seem to love everything he does for them.

BBC Sport just gave Mino a chance to defend himself from any type of accusation about Paul Pogba. In recent months, he publicly said that the French midfielder’s next step was to leave the Red Devils. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer accused Raiola for trying to destabilize the club with these statements. Now that he has a chance to respond to these accusations, Mino had a chance to either respond or apologize. 

Mino apologized in his own way. 

After trying to defend himself from all the criticism he gets, Raiola was asked about the accusations Manchester United made against him. In a way, the infamous agent attempted to clear his name with this interview from a friendly journalist. “I just expressed an opinion, I didn’t want to cause any problem,” Raiola told BBC Sport. “I don’t think that it destabilised anybody, because they had a fantastic run and they were even first, for a period, in the league.

“You think big players like Paul Pogba – or Solskjaer, who won everything in his life – get destabilized by what Mino Raiola says? Come on, please. I don’t talk about it anymore. It makes life a little bit boring, but it is what it is. Whenever I tell my opinion, everyone in England goes berserk, and I am the worst agent or the best agent, and the clubs get so stressed from the public and journalists that I have learned not to talk much about it.”