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Pep Guardiola reveals when he is leaving Manchester City

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During a public event, Pep Guardiola decided to reveal when he is leaving Manchester City and even what he plans to do next. 

By the time Pep Guardiola’s contract expires, he will have spent 7 great years at Manchester City. One would think that his beautiful relationship with the English club could last forever but Pep is starting to get tired. Any manager with his frenetic work ethic needs some rest at a certain point. Even though he just made the contract extension last year, Pep Guardiola only did it for the next two years. The last time he attempted to retire from Manchester City, the board of directors managed to convince him to stay.

However, this time seems different from his recent statement. It seems Pep feels the need to look for new challenges. Perhaps a national team is something he desires in the near future. Although, Guardiola is not very liked by the Spanish Football Federation due to his strong bonds to the Catalan Independence. He knows that when the time comes, he might have to choose a different national team after taking a long break from Manchester City. 

When will Pep quit Manchester City? 

During a recent investors’ event that was reported by Globo, Guardiola revealed he is stepping down as Manchester City’s manager in 2023. Also, he revealed his intentions to possibly coach a national team such as Brazil: “The next step will be a national team, there is a possibility. International football is the next step. I would need a break after seven years [at City], I need to stop and look around, learn from other coaches, and I might take that road.

“I would like to coach in a European Championship, a Copa America, a World Cup. Brazil is a fantastic team. I’ve already worked with some of their players, and competed against others. A fantastic national team, Brazil is always a strong candidate or the favorite [for trophies]. Always has been and always will be.”