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Pep Guardiola finally has his perfect defensive duo at City

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With the arrival of a specific player, Pep Guardiola can finally say he has that perfect defensive duo he wanted since he left FC Barcelona. 

Pep Guardiola waited a long time to get another perfect defensive duo since he left FC Barcelona in 2012. When he started coaching Bayern Munich, he never really had that compliment who could accompany Mats Hummels in the back. Respectfully to Jerome Boateng, he was never at the level of other great defenders Pep coached.

At Manchester City, Pep attempted to get several players but he also had a tough time getting to sync the ideal duo at the back. John Stones always seemed like the strong part of any duo he used in the back, but several other players always struggled to find their mojo. It all seems to have changed this season, finally. Manchester City just signed Ruben Dias this season and everything seemed to start working as Pep envisioned. 

A good defense wins championships. 

Last season, John Stones needed to recover from a serious injury that kept him out of the pitch for the majority of the campaign. However, he vowed to return stronger than before this year and he is living up to the expectations so far. Next to Dias, Stones already has a 16-match unbeaten run and Manchester City has the best defense in English football.

So far, the Citizens have only allowed 13 goals until today. Pep Guardiola finally found the players who can help him achieve the goals he’s been after since he arrived at the club. Winning the Champions League is never easy, but having a defense this solid takes you closer to lifting the title. All we need is to take a look at the years in which Guardiola won this trophy and see how perfect his defensive duos were.