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Paul Scholes reveals the difference between Ronaldo and Cantona

Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Manchester United
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Paul Scholes has compared two of Manchester United’s most famous No.7s in Cristiano Ronaldo and Eric Cantona.

Eric Cantona’s professionalism was nothing compared to Cristiano Ronaldo’s, according to Paul Scholes.

The former midfielder had the privilege of sharing the pitch with two of Manchester United’s most famous No.7s during his own glorious 20-year career.

Scholes played alongside ‘The King’ Eric Cantona from 1994 right until the Frenchman’s retirement in 1997. He later partnered with a young Ronaldo for six seasons between 2003 and 2009.

Speaking on the official Premier League channel about Ronaldo, Scholes said: “I’ve never seen a more professional person.

“He was out there all day long, practicing those free kicks, his speed, he was sprinting up hills, he had weights on his ankles. He was doing everything that the likes of the British players hadn’t seen. That wasn’t it, he was in the gym afterwards, just doing everything to prepare himself.”

The difference between Ronaldo and Cantona

When Tim Sherwood asked him if Cantona’s professionalism was like Ronaldo’s back in the day, Scholes told his fellow pundit: “Eric was very similar, but Cristiano was still on another level from that.

“Eric did go out and practice, but he wasn’t so much a gym person. Cristiano did all of his practicing before and after training and also made sure he was stronger for the Premier League by going into the gym afterwards.”