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Paul Pogba reveals threats from gangs after brother makes ‘explosive’ claims against him

Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba
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The Juventus midfielder made the announcement after his brother threatened to make ‘explosive’ claims about him.

Paul Pogba says an organized gang has targeted him for extortion and threats.

According to the AFP news agency, French police have opened an investigation into the Juventus and France midfielder’s claims. His lawyers have also filed a report to the authorities.

It came after Pogba’s brother, Mathias, 32, posted videos on social media threatening to make ‘great revelations’ about the World Cup winner in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

“The whole world, as well as my brother’s fans, and even more so the French team and Juventus, my brother’s teammates and his sponsors deserve to know certain things,” he said.

Mathias, who last played for French fourth-tier club Belfort, promised his allegations are ‘explosive’ and will also involve Pogba’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta.

In response, Pogba’s lawyers, mother and agent released a statement, which read: “The recent declarations of Mathias Pogba on social media are unfortunately not a surprise.

“They are coming after threats and attempts at extortion by an organized gang against Paul Pogba. The competent bodies in Italy and France were informed a month ago and there will be no further comments in relation to the ongoing investigation.”

Pogba accused his brother of blackmail

Another report from France Info, meanwhile, claimed that Pogba had told investigators that his brother, along with childhood friends and two hooded men, was part of a €13 million blackmail attempt after temporarily trapping him with assault rifles during an incident in Paris.

He claimed to have seen his blackmailers at the Manchester United and Juventus training grounds, and noticed his brother, Mathias, at the latter.

In response to this report, Mathias released a series of messages on Twitter. The Frenchman claimed he nearly died because of his younger brother. He also implied that Pogba used a marabout, a Muslim spiritual tutor, to injure France teammate Kylian Mbappe by applying witchcraft.

“What I expected to happen has happened: my little brother is finally starting to show his true face,” Mathias posted.

“Since it was he who started talking, to lie to the police and who brought out the information, you can’t blame me. Paul, you really wanted to shut me up completely to lie and send me to prison, I suspected it. Now it’s true, my version of the facts actually happened and unlike you, I have enough to prove my words and your lies. I’ll tell you again: brother, manipulating people is not good!

“It’s not about money: You implicated me in spite of myself, I almost died because of you, you left me in a hole and you want to play the innocent one. When everything is said people will see that there is no bigger coward, bigger traitor and bigger hypocrite than you on this earth.

Mathias added: “Kylian, now do you understand? I have no negative feelings toward you, my words are for your good, everything is true and proven, and the witch doctor is known! Sorry about this brother, a so-called Muslim deep in witchcraft, it’s never good to have a hypocrite and a traitor near you!”