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Paul Pogba reveals the secret behind his return to top form

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After the shocking win against Portugal, Paul Pogba made some comments that revealed the secret behind his return to top form in France. 

We can’t ignore that Paul Pogba’s returned to a part of his top form last weekend against Portugal. The Manchester United midfielder already spoke about the struggles he’s been facing this season at his club. He’s always been used to playing at the highest level with no dips in his form until this year.

After that long recovery from a serious injury, Pogba is finally getting back some of that smile he had lost. In order to continue on this trend, the midfielder needs to slowly get back into activity with the Red Devils. But in order to accomplish that, Pogba requires having Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s trust.

His most recent statements were also a cry for help towards the manager, who seems to have lost his trust in Paul. Pogba spoke about this situation and what he did to change his recent negative dynamic. 

Pogba feels at home with the France squad. 

As told by ESPN, this is what Pogba said: “It is a period that I had never experienced in my career before, where I usually always play and always have the rhythm. And suddenly that changes. Little by little, I get my sensations back. I am finding myself again. This is what I have to do all the time and be consistent.

“The national team is like a window being opened, it is a breath of fresh air. I was talking with Antoine and Raphael on Saturday. We were sat at lunch together and we were telling each other: ‘guys, I don’t know if we realise, but this squad is incredible.’

“When we come here, we are all happy to see each other. We are on the pitch, enjoying ourselves. It is not that we are not enjoying ourselves with our clubs but here, it is not the same. This squad is magical in the way we live together.”