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Paratici reveals Paulo Dybala’s struggles with Covid-19

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Juventus director, Fabio Paratici revealed Paulo Dybala’s struggles after testing positive for Covid-19 months ago throughout the season. 

There are cases of Covid-19 infected athletes like the one Paulo Dybala is showing in recent weeks. In some cases, they take longer to fully recover from the lung issues they present while infected with the virus. Actually, Dybala had a tough time throughout the whole infection as he kept testing positive several weeks after contracting the virus.

As the world believed he was completely recovered like the rest of the infected patients who suffer from this virus. Paulo Dybala has been struggling terribly over the last few weeks and hasn’t been able to shake the virus off completely. Until recently, Paulo wasn’t able to reach his usual form due to these problems.

However, the most recent training sessions have been positive for the player as Paratici just confirmed during an interview with DAZN through Goal. The Argentine player has been frustrated with his struggles but this is a problem that escapes his control. 

Dybala seems completely recovered. 

After all these months with the virus, it appears Paulo can finally say he is completely out of the woods. Fabio Paratici spoke in public about the playmaker’s struggles over the last weeks and confirmed he has fully recovered from his problems. The star is part of tonight’s bench for the game against Cagliari and awaits for his chance to play. 

“Dybala is a great player and wants to be a protagonist, which is natural,” said Paratici. “He’s unlucky, as he had this virus issue that has been dragging on since the last break for international duty, he had more problems just before the Lazio game. Paulo has now been able to train regularly and hopefully will soon get back to being the Dybala of old.”