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Owen explains key Liverpool problem after Real Madrid defeat

Liverpool, Madrid
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Michael Owen has named the one major problem that saw Liverpool collapse at the hands of Real Madrid on Tuesday night.

An unstable defense on the night made Liverpool vulnerable to Real Madrid in the Champions League, says Micheal Owen.

A brace from Vinicius and another from Asensio was enough for Real Madrid to do the damage and stroll to a 3-1 victory over the Premier League outfit.

However, two of Real Madrid’s goals were easily ‘avoidable’ on the night. Trent Alexander-Arnold headed into the path of Marco Asensio while Alisson also showed poor judgement, ending in Vinicius poking the ball past him.

Liverpool did improve in the second half but never really seemed to be untop of the game. Injury problems have plagued them this season, especially in defence. Once again, a poor showing at the back was their undoing, explains Michael Owen while on punditry duty.

“I was disappointed with the midfield area tonight (Liverpool). We all said before the game midfield would be a crucial area. 29, 31, 35 years of age their midfield,” Owen said to BT Sport.

“Now they’re brilliant on the ball, and that’s what Spanish football is, it’s dictating the ball. But I just think if you can go at them, if you have the energy, like with your Hendersons, you can get at them and that’s what’s frustrating.

“Rio made a good point right at the start, I think it starts from the back. When you’re so confident in your back two that they can go one-to-one, you can squeeze, you can do whatever you like.

“You can flood men forward, you can push your full-backs forward again, you can do so many things but when you’re vulnerable at the back it goes down like a pack of cards.

“It’s a knock on effect it’s like a domino effect and now they’re not pressing with the same enthusiasm and the same energy.

“And this midfield that they’re playing against, yes it’s brilliant, it has been brilliant for so many years, but you can overrun them with pure energy and physique.”

“I’m sure you could at Anfield, but it just doesn’t feel like that energy is in that engine room at the moment.”