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Official: The Netherlands make a decision about Frank de Boer

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After getting eliminated in the Round of 16 during the Euros, the Netherlands’ FA made a decision about Frank De Boer. 

When Frank De Boer arrived to coach the Netherlands’ football squad, he specifically signed a contract that forced him to at least qualify to the Euros’ quarterfinals. After getting eliminated by the Czech Republic, this condition wasn’t met by the Dutch manager. As a result, there was a meeting between all the parties involved that ended in a decision made by him. Effective immediately, Frank De Boer will no longer coach the Netherlands’ Men’s National Football Team.

This comes as no surprise after leading a weak squad that never really did anything important throughout his time as manager. Even though they surprised everybody by winning their group stage with three consecutive victories. There was always a feeling that playing against tougher opponents would result in inevitable elimination. Some of the supporters and analysts did get a bit carried away though. However, De Boer stays true to his word as he roots for the overall team’s best interest. 

The Dutch Federation’s official announcement. 

We obviously still have no idea who will take Frank De Boer’s place but we might get some answers before the next international break. After the club season starts, there will be a break a couple of months later that will require the Netherlands to already have an official manager. Between now and then, we will get the news of who will take De Boer’s position that was also Ronald Koeman’s position before him. Frank reacted to his own decision with the following quote on the Dutch Federation’s official website: “When I was approached to become national coach in 2020, I thought it was an honor and a challenge.

“But I was also aware of the pressure that would come upon me from the moment I was appointed, that pressure is only increasing now, and that is not a healthy situation for me, nor for the squad in the run-up to such an important match for the Dutch football on its way to World Cup qualification. I want to thank everyone, of course, the fans and the players. My compliments also to the management who have created a real top sports climate here on campus.”