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Official: Liverpool sign Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich

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After weeks of speculation, Liverpool finally announced Thiago Alcantara as their latest signing for the upcoming 2020/21 season in England. 

It’s official, Thiago Alcantara can finally say he is a Liverpool player. Bayern Munich wasn’t slick enough to keep one of the best midfielders they’ve had in the last decade and the Reds were smart to buy him for €30 million.

The oldest of the Alcantara brothers grew in an environment where winning has always been the norm such as Barcelona. When he left for Bayern Munich, he did it with the conviction that he would also aim to win everything in his path. And that he did.

Now that a new challenge presents itself, the objectives remain the same. Liverpool is the perfect place for him to still aim for greatness and live the final good years of his career at the highest level. 

Klopp joked about his imminent arrival. 

Just a few hours before he was announced by Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp joked about his arrival by stating he couldn’t make any announcements. 

It was clear that Thiago was a done deal, the player expressed what he felt on his first interview as a Reds’ star: “When the years are passing, you are trying to win as much as you can – and when you win, you want to win more. I think this club describes what I am as well; I want to achieve all of the goals, win as many trophies as possible.

“It also [has] this kind of family [feeling] that I need because we [like to] have a very close relationship with the club and I think I will feel this, I will have this feeling, with this club as well.”

“I must adapt to the team as fast as I can in the situation and the context that we are living right now.

“Everything is more compact and we started a little bit later, but still it is football and I think we have to mix all the big things up, all the good things we have. I will help the team in a defensive and offensive [way] and also in a mental aspect.

“[The fans] are not more excited than I am, for sure not! It is not about saying words, it is about doing the things. I will give my heart on the field to my teammates, the club and also to the fans.”

What can we expect from Thiago as a Liverpool player?