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Official: Everton finally found Carlo Ancelotti’s replacement

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It’s official, Everton FC seems to have finally found Carlo Ancelotti’s replacement but some Merseyside fans might not like it. 

After Carlo Ancelotti left Everton FC, the Toffees tried to find his replacement as soon as possible but they only announced him today. Despite his past as Liverpool’s manager, Rafa Benitez decided to accept an offer to become Everton’s new manager. He comes after failing to take Newcastle United to a proper winning streak and after his failure at Real Madrid before that. Benitez has an impressive resume regardless. He’s been at the forefront of Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League title.

Rafa also led the Reds to the 2007 final that they lost against AC Milan. When he moved to other clubs, Benitez won several other titles before becoming irrelevant in world football. By the time he took Real Madrid as his top responsibility, he wasn’t able to take the team to a full season. His many differences with the club players were the reason he was eventually replaced by Zidane during the middle of the season. 

Merseyside doesn’t agree with Benitez’s appointment. 

Both Liverpool and Everton fans are not that happy with Rafa Benitez’s arrival to coach the Toffees. Social media went wild with Liverpool supporters reacting in negative fashion to his appointment. Whereas the Blue side isn’t too happy to have a former Red on their side of the street. But Benitez is fully convinced he needs to remain professional despite criticism.

In his first interview on the club’s website, this is what Benitez said: “I am delighted to be joining Everton. Throughout this process I have been greatly impressed by the ambition shown by the senior representatives at the Club and their desire to bring success to this historic Club. “I believe this is a Club that is going places. I’m determined to play a big part in helping this great Club achieve its ambitions.”