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Obi Mikel’s shocking admission about Eden Hazard

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During a recent interview, Jon-Obi Mikel made a revealing statement about Eden Hazard’s discipline at Chelsea from years ago. 

Eden Hazard’s current situation at Real Madrid can better be explained by looking at what Jon-Obi Mikel said in a recent interview. The former Chelsea player came to the Blues when the Belgian star was a young star. Back then, he enjoyed the virtues of his youth as he didn’t need to do much to showcase his skill. When you are early in your career as a footballer, it’s easier to withstand a game for 90 minutes.

However, the biggest stars are the ones who understand that getting to the highest level requires the utmost dedication. According to Mikel’s account, Hazard never understood that. But that doesn’t take anything away from the incredible level of god-given talent he had. When reading his words, you can tell Mikel is slightly jealous of Hazard’s skill. 

Hazard’s lack of discipline. 

In a revealing interview with The Athletic, this is what Mikel said: “I’ve always said that Hazard is one of the most gifted players, he had it all: speed, power, skill, technique … He was right behind Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But only if he wanted to. He sometimes said, ‘Yes. I want to be so good, I can be. Not as good as Messi because he’s from another planet, but I think I can be close to Cristiano and even better’.

“Those were the words that came out of his mouth, but he is not that dedicated. He doesn’t train well, he’s the worst training player I’ve ever played with. Hazard would arrive on Saturday and win the game for us, he was the man of the match. But on Monday and on Tuesday, he was in training and it was like he wasn’t there. Standing, wandering. Everybody fighting, screaming in the games and he didn’t do any of that. But you saw him on the pitch, how good he was. .. It’s not fair that some people are so talented!”