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Nuno reacts to Kane absence from Tottenham training

Harry Kane - Tottenham
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The Spurs striker has taken matters into his own hands, resorting to drastic measures so as to force a move away from the club.

Nuno Espirito Santo says he hasn’t yet spoken to Harry since the player skipped Tottenham training but vows to find a “better solution and conclusion to this situation” soon.

Kane was due back at Tottenham on Monday following his vacation after a nearly successful Euro 2020 campaign with England.

However, he refrained from reporting back to the club, missing Wednesday’s pre-season friendly against Chelsea after failing to show up in the first two training sessions.

The striker’s rebellious act is based on his belief that he has a gentleman’s agreement with chairman Daniel Levy which should allow him to quit the club this summer but Levy remains insistent on holding onto him, according to sources.

“It is not that I don’t want to comment — all this issue related to Harry, I believe we should discuss internally among us and try to avoid any kind of public argument or discussion about it,” Nuno told the press, via ESPN.

“Us, we have to focus on what is important. We have to solve the situation but first between us. We solve the situation internally with the club. Speaking and trying to reach a better solution and conclusion to this situation.

Pressed on whether he has had talks with the club captain yet, Nuno responded: “The answer I will give you is I expect to speak with Harry soon and I haven’t had the chance yet.

“Anything in relation to Harry is internal so first of all we have to first of all solve the problems ourselves and then I will speak with you.”