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Nigeria jumps ahead of Egypt, Cameroon, Tunisia in FIFA rankings

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The Super Eagles have gained superior advantage over Egypt, Cameroon, and Tunisia in FIFA rankings in spite of an early exit from AFCON 2021.

Despite an early departure from the Africa Cup of Nations, Nigeria have shifted up four places in the latest FIFA rankings.

Surpassing the AFCON 2021 hosts Cameroon, finalists Egypt, and Tunisia, the Super Eagles have climbed up to rank 32.

Now, the latest African kings Senegal stands as the best team in the 18th position followed by Morocco in 24th. Then comes Nigeria in the 32nd spot with Egypt at 34th, Tunisia at 36th, and Cameroon at 38th.

AFCON 2018 holders Algeria sadly stumbled down to the 43rd rank due to their early exit from the major competition. Meanwhile, Mali take the 48th position with Ivory Coast in the 51st.

Other African nations in the top 100 categories are Burkina Faso (56th), Ghana (61st). Congo DR (66th), South Africa (68th), and Cape Verde (73rd).

Whilst European countries dominate the top bracket in the world rankings. Nigeria and other African nations are rapidly edging towards them.