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Neymar set to entertain a grand New Year’s Eve party

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Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar will host a New Year’s Eve party in Brazil involving 150 people to start the year 2021.

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar is set to host a New Year’s Eve gathering for around 150 people in Brazil. It has been a tough time for his nation as 190,000 lives were taken by COVID19 this year. However, in spite of this, the 28-year-old will commence celebrations at his mansion in Mangaratiba per some reports. And the astonishing thing about this party is that it will last for five days.

Some claimed that Neymar’s event will hold approximately 500 people. But Agencia Fabrica which is a company organizing everything denied the allegations. They further mentioned that the company will ensure proper healthcare and safety measures to prevent the virus from escalation.

How is this one going to end?

Agencia Fabrica stated: “Agencia Fabrica clarifies that it is the creator and producer of New Year’s Eve event in the Costa Verde region. In the State of Rio de Janeiro, which will receive approximately 150 people.”

“The event will take place in compliance with all health standards determined by public agencies. The company also clarifies that the private event, with exclusive access for guests and without ticket sales, happens with all licenses from the competent bodies necessary for its realisation.”