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Neymar is not happy after Gabriel Jesus’ Conmebol ban

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After Conmebol’s ban announcement on Gabriel Jesus, Neymar responded with a sarcastic message through his social media. 


Neymar has been playing with fire against Conmebol in recent days, especially after Gabriel Jesus’ ban from the Copa America final. The Manchester City striker committed a horrible foul on a Peruvian player that granted him a red card during the semifinal. But Conmebol wanted to make an example out of him and decided to ban him from the upcoming final against Argentina. If he misses this match, it means Brazil will have to use other players in that position.

The problem is that the replacement is just as good as Jesus if not better. Manager ‘Tite’ has a chance to finally give Firmino some minutes in the most important game of the tournament. Bobby didn’t seem too happy during the celebrations after the match against Peru. It is obvious he wants to play and now he might get his chance. Firmino is obviously unhappy with Conmebol’s decision to punish Gabriel Jesus but he must be happy he can play deep down. Neymar, on the other hand, is not happy at all. 

Neymar’s battle against Conmebol. 

Even though his side has received help from the referees, Neymar has been battling against them from the start. If he wants to win against the most competitive sides in the world, he obviously wants to do it fairly. As soon as he feels the refs are being unfair to his opposition, he will always speak up against the powers that be. Just as he feels this ruling from Conmebol is unfair for his teammate, he also thinks the refs were unfair to some Peruvian players during the match.


In a report from Globo Esporte, Neymar was spotted talking to Christian Cueva and telling him he would speak up in their defense. Minutes after that, he was referring to ref Tobar as ‘arrogant’. Today, he lashed out against Conmebol in a sarcastic fashion after knowing about Gabriel Jesus’ ban: “It is very sad to be in the hands of people who make these kinds of decisions. They made a beautiful analysis of the play. We must congratulate them,” wrote Neymar on Instagram.