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Nations League: Hansi Flick hits out at UEFA over congested schedule

Hansi Flick - Bayern Munich
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The Germany boss is worried about the players’ chance of recovering from the past season.

Hansi Flick has criticized UEFA over the Nations League schedule, insisting the calendar is too busy for a World Cup year.

Germany has played their first two games in the tournament. Following their 1-1 draw against Italy and England, Flick’s side will meet Hungary and Italy in their next fixtures.

Speaking in a pre-match press conference ahead of his side’s trip to Hungary, the former Bayern boss asked UEFA to revise the tournament’s schedule.

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He said: “Four matches are too many after such a season. You have to take the two years into account.

“We had a pandemic and a lot of matches piled up. We will be having ‘English weeks’ [two-match weeks]

“There will be almost no pre-season preparation then it’s Bundesliga and Champions League matches every three, four days until the World Cup.

“This should be looked at and we need to ask ourselves how we can offer players a break because that is important.

“UEFA or FIFA should look into these things and take some measures.

“Now we have to prepare well, we have these four games. We accept them. It is tough for the players after a long season. But we accept it because all teams have the same starting points.

“What we are focusing on is to play a good World Cup in November.”