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Nathan Ake would have been ‘a good buy’ for United

Nathan Ake
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Nathan Ake would have been a good buy for Manchester United especially at a decent price of £40m. says United legend Gordon Hill.

Bournemouth got relegated last season and it was expected a number of their top stars would leave the club. Nathan Ake did just that.

Manchester City had a lot of defensive holes last season and Pep Guardiola signed the Bournemouth star in a bid to fix those problems.

Given his age (25) and position, many can agree that City paying £40m for Ake qualified as a ‘bargain’ buy.

Just before the season ended, Ole Solskjaer was indeed caught on camera whispering to the Dutchman. In his words ‘We need a left-footed centre back, so keep going’.

That all but explains that United really do need defensive recruits this summer. Club legend Gordon Hill buttresses that fact and believes a top name is needed to partner Harry Maguire at the back.

Nathan Ake had all the qualities to do just the above.

Hill told Talk of the Devils Podcast: “Still need another centre half. Maguire is not the finished article and he needs help alongside him.”

“Nathan Ake would have been a good buy, especially at that price, but he’s gone now – hopefully we can get another player of even better quality in.”

Regardless of whatever happens, Hill believes United are on the right path under Solskjaer.

“Ole’s done a good job – there’s no denying he was very fortunate to be given such a job in football, but the club made that decision, they’ve also given him time and now they have done so they have to be patient for even longer in order to see the hopeful benefit of what he is putting together.”

“United have the league and Champions League kicking off almost straight away when the season begins.”

Solskjaer will be looking back at a missed opportunity in Nathan Ake. Even more painful he swapped for the other half of Manchester.