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Nagelsmann reveals if he will take his players to Bayern

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After the shocking news of his arrival to Bayern Munich next season, Julian Nagelsmann revealed if he’ll take his players with him. 

Even though Julian Nagelsmann just signed a new contract with Bayern Munich, he still feels grateful to RB Leipzig. This is a manager who has advanced in his career faster than any other manager before him. Julian isn’t one of those former players who then retire to become a coach at the highest level. His vocation was to study in order to coach football clubs at the highest level someday.

It all happened faster than anybody expected but he is not surprised by his own results. Currently, Nagelsmann is younger than even some of the players at Bayern Munich and coaching them will be an honor. But initially, the German coach will refuse taking RB Leipzig players to his new club out of gratitude for his former employers. This doesn’t fall in line with Bayern’s monopolizing strategy of taking the best players from the Bundesliga to their ranks. 

Nagelsmann always wanted to coach Bayern. 

In a recent press conference, the RB Leipzig coach was questioned about Bayern Munich’s tactics to make their opponents weaker. He also spoke about the other offers he had to coach outside of Germany. As some of you may know, the German coach had an interesting offer from FC Barcelona. Joan Laporta recently spoke about the chances they had of signing him for the Catalan club.

However, Ronald Koeman’s recent results allowed him to remain at the club and Nagelsmann to stay in his home country. Marca picked up the following statement from the RB Leipzig boss: “Now that RB Leipzig have given me the chance (to join Bayern), I’m not going to start taking players from them. I’m not going to hire a T6 to go to Munich and take one or two good players from Leipzig with me. I had requests from other clubs but I refused. My lifelong dream was always to coach Bayern.”