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Most valuable players from French Ligue 1

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Ligue 1 is one of the most valued leagues in the world and a lot of players that are on the top 10 most expensive list are in France.

This doesn’t mean that every team has a lot of money, most of the value comes from PSG and its investments. PSG had a big budget from the day it was founded but nowadays, the amounts they spend are overwhelming.

Only a decade ago, you could buy the whole Milan squad for the amount that Mbappe is worth today. Maybe the league isn’t very appealing at streaming on the real money online casino site unless PSG and a couple of teams are playing. However, you would find Bundesliga and La Liga, which for some fans are fascinating.

Kylian Mbappe – PSG

Mbappe joined PSG in 2017 when everyone was talking about this football prodigy. Kylian did an amazing job in the World Cup when France won against Croatia in the finals. There were rumors that he would leave the club in 2022 but he decided to stay in his hometown of Paris and sign another contract.

The deal with PSG is probably the best he can get because he is earning $22 million annually. Besides earning a huge amount of money, he has become a partner with PSG and he will influence some decision-making when it comes to bringing in new players. Mbappe is currently worth around $160 million which makes him the most expensive player in the world.

Neymar – PSG

The famous French club doesn’t care about the numbers considering that they spend $222 million on Neymar when he left Barcelona. This is the biggest football deal in history but he isn’t worth as much today. This doesn’t mean that he’s not playing well, he is still one of the most attractive players that everyone loves watching.

His current market value is around $80 million and Chelsea is looking to make a deal with him. There are rumors that he will leave PSG but no one will give him the salary they can afford. Playing with Messi and Mbappe is a dream for any player so leaving isn’t a great option.

Lionel Messi – PSG

Messi isn’t among the most expensive players in the world because many managers think that he doesn’t have the same will as when he played for Barcelona in the early days. This is definitely true because the amount he is making with PSG is a deal you shouldn’t avoid. He’s 35 years old and there are only a couple of titles that he wants to win including the World Cup.

Lionel is worth around $55 million if you would buy him but he has a bigger salary than Mbappe. He is making around $41 million annually without sponsorships and other deals he has. He didn’t have huge success with PSG but he will have another season to win the Champions League with the team.

Marquinhos – PSG

Maequinhos is the team’s captain and he’s a part of the club for the longest time out of the other players. He joined the team back in 2013 and he played for Roma and Corinthians before PSG. Being a captain of the most valued team in the world means that your value will also increase. Besides being a great player, this is one of the reasons why he is worth around $70 million.

Ligue 1 Season 2023

You can watch the players mentioned earlier this year because World Cup is starting in November. Besides having a whole squad of the most valued players in the Ligue, PSG is still the favorite team and they will probably win the title again. But, their goal isn’t to win Ligue 1, instead, their eyes are on the Champions League.

Many fans thought that Messi would change their luck but nothing changed in the gameplay and they still aren’t providing any great results in CL or even EL. Lyon will try to challenge them for the title with new players coming to the team but it’s less likely to happen.