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Morata speaks about his future at Juventus

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Alvaro Morata’s contract with Juventus will expire at the end of the 2021-22 season, but he’s not so sure about his future with the club.

Alvaro Morata opened up regarding his future at Juventus with his agreement terminating by the end of this season.

The Spaniard has netted four goals so far in the new campaign, but Bianconeri sit eight in Serie A with 18 points in 12 games. 

Juve has already paid €20 million to Atletico Madrid for the forward’s two-year contract but can keep him for good with €35 million.

“We are all under pressure. Perhaps, people talk more about me because I am out on loan. But when you are not the master of your destiny, the only thing you can do is work,” Morata told El Pais.

“No one is perfect. We are not machines, I know what I am asked for. Criticism and boos do not make me angry, even if it bothers me. But hate is not ok,” he continued.

“Inside the pitch, they can insult me or spit to me. But outside when I go for a walk with my wife or with my children, it’s different.”

Morata, unfortunately, suffered from a muscle injury last month but he has been back since the October break.

“I was out almost a month. And I was in a rush to get back even if I wasn’t physically okay. I had to work a lot for the team and I was not lucid to score. I played the last games on the left, almost covering the wing. But the important thing is to play and do what the coach asks.”

“Of course, I would like to play better and score more goals. I was fine before the injury.”