• World Cup 2022

Messi pays touching tribute to Maradona as Argentina celebrate World Cup triumph

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The Albiceleste have won their first World Cup title since Maradona led them to the trophy in 1986.

Lionel Messi has mentioned Diego Maradona as an inspiration for Argentina’s World Cup win in Qatar.

Messi completed his wonderful trophy cabinet by winning the World Cup on Sunday. Following a tense final, Argentina claimed the title for the third time.

During the last 36 years, Argentina came close to winning the title several times. But they couldn’t repeat Maradona’s success until this year’s tournament.

In a new Instagram message, Messi paid tribute to Maradona, fans, and former players of the national team.

“I always dreamed of being a world champion, and I didn’t want to stop trying, even knowing that maybe I would never give up,” he said.

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“This cup we got is also from all those who did not make it in the previous World Cups we played, like in 2014 in Brazil, where they all deserved it for how they fought until the same final, worked hard and wanted it as much as I did.

“It’s also from Diego who encouraged us from heaven.

“And of all those who spent the time always supporting the national team without looking so much at the result but the desire we always put into it, also when things didn’t go as we wanted.

“Many times failure is part of the journey and learning and without the disappointments it is impossible for success to come.

“Thank you very much from my heart! Let’s go Argentina!!!”