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Messi and Suarez keep sharing the spotlight despite their separation

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We need to talk about the repercussions of Leo Messi and Luis Suarez’s separation, they will keep sharing the spotlight as rivals.

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez might be one of the most unforgettable partnerships in recent football history. We have two of the greatest goal-scorers of the last decade who played together at FC Barcelona for six seasons. Combined, they were part of 478 goals and 86 assists since the Uruguay international arrived in Barcelona.

Sharing the spotlight was never this easy for Messi, who knew the elite company he had and fully embraced the possibilities. Now that Suarez is gone, their paths seem destined to keep sharing that spotlight as rivals during the twilight of their careers. Just last weekend, they proved themselves as the two greatest goal-scorers in the South American World Cup Qualifiers after reaching 22 goals each.

The other players closest to them are Edinson Cavani (16 goals) and Jefferson Farfan (15 goals). Leo knows how annoying Suarez can be as a rival, he suffered the striker’s wrath during the 2011 Copa America when Uruguay won the tournament on Argentinian soil. This friendly rivalry will also move to the Spanish La Liga for the first time in history after Suarez’s move to Atletico Madrid. 

Diego Simeone’s secret weapon. 

Even though FC Barcelona made it seem like Luis Suarez had nothing more to give at FC Barcelona, the striker begs to differ. It’s been repeatedly stated that he wanted to continue playing at the highest level because he feels he can deliver for a few more years. Atletico Madrid saw this opportunity and took it without blinking.

After six years of having the best friendship in football, we will get the ‘Frienemies’ edition. Luis Suarez will want to continue his legacy in Spain as he nears 200 goals in all competitions. Atletico Madrid can rest easy knowing they have one of the most prolific goal-scorers in the world by their side. Messi will suffer his skills, but nothing will ever break their friendship.

There might be a rivalry between the two, but things are bound to remain civil due to their background. Regardless of what happens, it’s always interesting to watch best friends at each other’s throats. It’ll be a memorable rivalry between these two.