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Mbappe makes a troubling admission about Ligue 1

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In a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, Kylian Mbappe left his intentions clear after a troubling admission about Ligue 1. 

Kylian Mbappe wants to leave PSG and leave Ligue 1 behind, this became abundantly clear today. After spending all his career in French football until now, he’s been the dominant force that made the world notice him as an up-and-coming star. Today, as one of the best players in the world, Kylian clearly wants to leave. PSG are keeping him in a golden cage but he keeps pushing himself out of the equation.

In a recent interview for Esquire Magazine, he made an alarming admission against Ligue 1 that will leave a mark. This can be considered yet another signal from the young star, an S.O.S. calling if you will: “France is not the best championship in the world, but I have always felt the responsibility, as an emblematic player, to help the league grow.” 

Mbappe’s best moment of his professional career. 

Even though he’s won the FIFA World Cup with France with a stellar performance against Argentina, Mbappe loves another great night against Leo Messi. You guessed it, his hat-trick at Camp Nou is a night he will never forget: “The hat-trick at Camp Nou was the best game of my career because it was complete,” he said.

“I helped my team both in attack and defense, and I was right in the creation and completion of my plays, in one on one. I won 90 percent of my duels, if the stat is correct. In the whole game, I didn’t have a moment in which I felt off. There are quite a few anti-Kylian plans. It means that they have recognized me as a great player. It requires you to have several strings in the bow. And I like that, because I adore challenges.”