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Mbappe and Griezmann lashed out at French police officials

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Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann took the help of social media to highlight an incident involving the French police.

Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann spoke regarding an incident where French police beat a music producer. Along with these Frenchmen, Manchester City full-back Benjamin Mendy and Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette also posted about the incident on social media. Reports are saying that the France interior minister Gerald Darmanin has been receiving calls to take strong action against racism occurring in the country. Furthermore, Darmanin affirmed on Twitter that the situation is under scrutiny, and three officers who were involved have been suspended.

The victim has been identified by the name of Michel, who was going back to his studio in Paris. But out of a sudden, three policemen rammed him through the front door and forcefully beat him. Fortunately, the incident was caught by a CCTV camera on the building. Two of the officers were in uniform, however one was in normal attire. Michel received hits on the head and also with a baton. In addition, he claimed that he heard racist comments during the encounter. 

“I was afraid. Thought it was my last day,” he added. “I kept saying: ‘I haven’t done anything’, and they kept shouting for me to get down on the ground.”

Michel was taken into police custody for 48 hours before he was set free without any charges. But his footage went viral on social media on Thursday and spread like a wildfire in France. Mbappe posted his message on Twitter to reply to this brutal incident.

“Unbearable video, unacceptable violence,” he wrote. “My France has values, principles, and codes … My France for me does not live in lies. With heart and rage in the light, not in the shadows. My France to me is a mixture, it’s a rainbow. She bothers you, I know because she doesn’t want you as a role model. Stop racism.”

In the meantime, Griezmann shared the video with a short text: “My France hurts”. And Mendy questioned: “Without the videos what would have happened to Michel? We would have preferred to believe the version of the police under oath?” Lacazette on the other hand decided to use emojis to respond to racism.