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Marcus Rashford is in awe of a specific England player

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After England’s latest performance, Marcus Rashford is in awe of a specific player he believes should start for his country. 

Marcus Rashford might’ve made us all realize Harry Kane is not the only England player with a secured spot in the starting eleven. There’s another major star who is doing everything right and possibly deserves to start against Croatia. As the UEFA Euro 2021 approaches, it is painfully clear that Jack Grealish is omnipresent every time he steps on the pitch to represent his country. He already offered a glimpse of his overall quality as a midfielder during his Premier League campaign for Aston Villa before falling injured. However, Jack recovered in time for the Euros and he will be one of Gareth Southgate’s options.

As part of the deciding process, it was clear that only Harry Kane had a secured spot in the starting eleven. But Marcus Rashford was very clear when asked about Grealish in the most recent press conference. In his view, Goal reported the following statement from Rashford: “He is a great player. He will definitely grow and grow in an England shirt. “We know from training and the Premier League what he can and for us, it’s just about allowing him to reach his potential in an England shirt. “We will win more games with him in the team.”

Where will Jack Grealish play next season?

Considering how well he’s been playing on a regular basis, we all want to know where Jack Grealish will end up next season. Despite having the heart of a ‘Villain’, it is painfully evident that this player needs to play somewhere else in order to keep growing as a star. Pep Guardiola already sent him the highest possible praise last season but they are not the only club that likes Jack.

Institutions such as Chelsea FC, Manchester United, and even Tottenham Hotspur might be interested in buying the lad. It’s about time Grealish found an ideal place where he can exploit the full extent of his abilities. If he becomes an important piece of the puzzle for England during the Euros, you can be sure he is leaving Aston Villa before the end of the summer. The question here is: which club will be able to convince him?