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Man Utd: Rashford explains Hojlund role in “super-exciting” setup

Hojlund at Man Utd
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The Man Utd newboy has found a solid start to his career at Old Trafford.

Marcus Rashford believes Rasmus Hojlund has already changed Manchester United’s attacking “dynamics”.

Following a brilliant season at Atalanta, Hojlund completed a £72m move to Man Utd in the summer transfer window. The striker’s debut was delayed due to a fitness problem. But his start has already impressed his attacking partner at United.

Asked about forming a duo with Hojlund in Man Utd’s attacking line, Rashford told the club’s website: “I’m honestly super excited about it. 

“At times last year when we were going on counter-attacks and stuff, when you looked up, you just saw shirts of the other bodies! 

“And usually only the cutback was on to Bruno, who was usually arriving later. Whereas this year, you have to understand the dynamics have changed.”

Hojlund scored his debut Manchester United goal in their 4-3 defeat against Bayern Munich earlier this week. The assist was provided by Rashford, who failed to add his own name to the scoreline.

Rashford added: “We obviously had the unlucky one against Brighton that got disallowed. But then in the following game we get another one where we’ve combined for a goal. So I’m very happy for him. 

“I’m sure it’s a relationship that will help both players. I’m excited for him, excited for the future. And I’m just excited that we’ve got so many games coming up because we’ve got so many opportunities to show who we are.”