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Man United’s hierarchy is ruining the club

Sir Alex Ferguson, Cristiano Ronaldo
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Many United fans and supporters of football, in general, will look at Man United and claim their lack of success has been from not hiring a good enough manager since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Although the wrong managers being appointed may well be a big factor in the lack of success in the last decade for Manchester United, if you actually delve deep into the club and how it operates in comparison to the modern day premier league side, you will actually see the club is rotting from the top.

The Glazer family took over ownership of Manchester United back in 2005, borrowing large amounts of money to be able to afford the club. With United being one of the only football teams out there that actually makes a profit, they have failed to yet pay off their debts and instead are taking dividends out of the club for their own benefit.

Many Man United fans are heavily against how the Glazers operate and have made it very clear they want them out of their club, having organised mass protests, including a pitch invasion before the kick off of one of the biggest, most profitable games for the premier league and the Glazers, Manchester United Vs Liverpool. The aim of the protest was to make their feelings known and get the game cancelled, which works. By doing this, it affects the money that United gets from that game in revenue, which is the only way the fans believe they will be able to successfully attack the ownership.

The club has still invested a lot of money into the club, but only where it suits them. For example, they’ve paid huge amounts of money for transfers, with names like Pogba, Maguire, Ibrahimovic, Martial, Ronaldo, Cavani, Di Maria and many more. Majority of these players failed to make an impact at United and couldn’t contribute to them getting back to winning titles. But this didn’t matter to the Glazers, as they still made profit on these signings through the likes of sponsorships and shirt sales.

There have been numerous comments from ex-players of the club that have said the facilities at United need to be improved. The training ground hasn’t been updated and renovated since the arrival of the Glazers, which was way back in 2005. The stadium itself is out-dated and looks like it’s almost falling apart, which affects the fan’s experience at the games and to top it off, the Glazers are oblivious to this as they’ve not been to Old Trafford for so long. 

As crooked businessmen would, they’ve lied through their teeth and told fans what they want to hear, like improving the facilities, investing in the right areas, appointing the right staff and investing more money back into the club instead of continuing to take dividends. They even went as far to say they would organise frequent meetings with the supporters club to discuss matters of concern with them and what they could do about it. Of course these have been false promises and the Glazers are yet to meet with fans to discuss what they want from the owners. 

Then that brings us to where we are today, a club that still hasn’t made a signing in the transfer window, despite having their worst season in the clubs premier league history. A team that needs to be challenging for trophies again as the share price continues to fall, yet they have offloaded players and not brought any new signings in.