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Man United star gives his honest prediction about Cavani

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Given his star status at Man United, one of the club’s most important players gave his honest prediction about Edinson Cavani’s arrival. 

Edinson Cavani’s arrival at Man United has brought some doubts amongst the club’s legends, but not amongst the current players. In recent days, we’ve heard how Paul Scholes revealed he doesn’t trust the Uruguay international to offer his best version during the next year.

Granted, Cavani is already a seasoned veteran but Scholes forgets the times we are living in. He forgets we have experienced veterans break that stigma. People like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Cristiano Ronaldo are great examples of what we mean. Even Robert Lewandowski is reaching the highest point of his career after the 30-year-old barrier.

This is the reason the Manchester United players aren’t worried about Cavani, they completely trust he will deliver. One of these players is Marcus Rashford. The recently named MBE who plays for the Red Devils. 

Rashford has no doubts about Cavani’s future impact. 

The England international offered an interview to Sky Sports about his current affairs. He spoke about the fight against child poverty, his MBE, and he also gave his two cents about Cavani. 

“As a forward line [the arrival of Cavani] is something to look forward to,” he said on Sky Sports. “Hopefully he comes in and scores goals, because he can definitely help us win games and points.

“He can be a massive player for us this season. To win two or three trophies in a season you need a squad, it’s not possible if you don’t have people who can score goals one week and the next week, it’s just not possible without three or four forwards in a team.

“Growing up, United always had four or five forwards who could score goals at any time. The closer we get to that, the more strength we’ll have.”