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Man City face “real fear” of relegation after Everton points deduction

Pep Guardiola at Man City
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The Citizens are being investigated for 115 breaches of the Financial Fair Play rules.

Manchester City face a looming threat of relegation from the Premier League following Everton’s ten-point deduction for financial rule violations. 

On Friday, Everton were slipped to the Premier League’s relegation zone for one account of breaching the profitability and sustainability rules.

The punishment, branded by some observers as “excessive”, has redirected attention toward allegations against Man City. The number and the seriousness of the Citizens’ alleged breaches of the Financial Fair Play rules has convinced many that the Premier League champions could face a real possibility of being relegated to the Championship.

Martyn Ziegler, The Times’ chief sports reporter, told talkSPORT“I think it is going to be much more serious for both Man City and Chelsea if their charges are proven.

“I mean Man City have had 115 charges, Everton just had one, and Chelsea are still under investigation, so we don’t know the number of charges there. If you look at Manchester City there are a lot more charges, but they are a lot more serious.

“So, there will be a real fear for Man City, that you are looking at potential relegation from the Premier League.

“How can you possible give something less [to Man City and Chelsea] than what Everton have received with one charge?”

The Premier League are yet to confirm City’s possible punishments or a conclusive update on their investigation.