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Maddison speaks about the hardest time of his career at Leicester

James Maddison, Leicester City
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James Maddison talked about experiencing the hardest time of his career at Leicester City before scoring at Brentford on Sunday.

James Maddison admitted that he went through the “hardest” period of his career at Leicester City before scoring against Brentford last weekend. 

Before Sunday’s goal, the 24-year-old midfielder had not racked a single goal in eight months. Maddison suffered from a hip injury then and has been fighting to get back in touch since. 

However, the playmaker now assures that all his problems have been left behind, and he can now focus on the future.

“It has probably been the hardest time of my career,” said the former Norwich midfielder. “People on the outside don’t know my life and I am my own biggest critic. If I’ve had a bad game I watch it back straightaway. I’m very critical of myself.

“Goals and assists are a part of it but it’s about playing well, to the level I know I can.”

Maddison added: “I had a good chat with the manager. And I told him I was a little bit low on confidence. That’s the first time I’ve been able to hold my hands up and say that because it puts you in a bit of a vulnerable position. But that was me being honest. We looked at my best clips and what makes me a good player.”

“In recent games, I’ve felt more like myself, like I had my swagger back. Sometimes you can overthink things.”