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Lukaku reveals when he is at his most ‘dangerous’ for Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea
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Despite a prolific start as a No.9 at Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku disagrees with the notion that he works best as a target man.

Romelu Lukaku has revealed his ‘biggest strength’ as a striker is fronting up opponents, as he ‘rarely makes wrong choices’.

Since returning to Chelsea in August, Lukaku has played almost exclusively as a No.9. So far, it’s worked a treat. The striker has scored three times in the Premier League already. He also continues to bury in the goals for Belgium, having scored a record 67 goals in 100 appearances for the national team.

But Lukaku insists there is much more to his game than what needs the eye.

“The way I’m built – I’m quite big – everybody thinks I’m a sort of target man: just holding up the ball and being a goal poacher. But I’ve never played that way and I hate it,” he told UEFA.com about his biggest strengths.

“My biggest strength is that I’m dangerous when I’m facing towards the goal, because that’s when I rarely make wrong choices.

“After I pass the ball, I know where I have to position myself in the box. I can do a bit of everything and in some games when I know there is a lot of space behind the defense, I play differently.

“The reason I’m so productive [in front of goal] is because I can do a bit of everything.”

Lukaku is preparing for a Nations League semi-final clash between Belgium and France in Turin on Thursday evening.