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“Lukaku is comparable to an American football player”

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The former Everton and Manchester United star Romelu Lukaku has been unstoppable at Inter Milan and is believed to be a complete player.

If we talk about real strength in football, Romelu Lukaku is easily one of the names that come to mind. The Belgian centre-forward has dominated the game in his area ever since he has joined Inter Milan back in 2019. Being a six-feet-three-inches giant, the 27-year-old always promised to fight the frontlines of any team he played for. 

Anyhow, according to Inter fitness coach Antonio Pintus, Lukaku has been evolving to become “a complete striker”. He was also impressed by Romelu’s ability on the field and described him to be similar to “an American football player”. Pintus believes that the Belgium international has become unstoppable since joining Serie A as the game demands more from him.

Pintus is truly aware of his power.

The Inter fitness trainer told the reporters of Lukaku: “Romelu has his physique as a peculiar characteristic. He weighs more than 100 kilos of muscles. He has truly impressive power. He’s comparable to an American football player. When he starts, it’s difficult to stop him. He has also improved a lot in resistance to effort.”

“Now, he’s becoming a complete athlete. All the other guys on the team have improved a lot in terms of resistance too.” It is definitely not hard to believe the quality that he provides on the field considering his physical aspects along with footballing skills. The former Everton and Manchester United star has accomplished 61 goals in 92 appearances for Nerazzurri